Wednesday, February 27, 2008

fancy meeting you here.

ok i will start with the news and end with a story!

the NEWS!

- It was supposed to be today, but i was busy at work today, so on FRIDAY I am going to meet with Parsons/New School admissions about the Certificate in Fashion Design program- which is designed for continuing ed, which is good, and therefore will hopefully have evening classes- Cross your needles! a little seamstress humor? no? ok. still no clue how to finance this project yet, but my boss seems eager to help me. i work at an amazing place.

- MORE NEWS! I met the dogs i'm going to dogsit for my friend Kevin, today. two fat Jack Russell terriers who are 6 and 8 years old. Why is are these ages important? they are still young enough to be playful, but then, after the initial Hurrah! You're Here to Walk Us! they calm down a bit. awesome. and they dont bark. wow. i'm doing all my writing at Kevin's place.

-Mary is coming to visit!

- I have volunteer stuff for one 1/3 and then kickball stuff for 2/3 of my Saturday! And speaking kickball, my friend Zoe showed me idea #one for an awesome team t-shirt design (like seriously awesomely designed t-shirt) and the first idea is rad. but it's four-color, which would only work in a heat-transfer, so we'll have to find a vendor that will hook me up with a deal if i want to make more than one. but what he made so far is so effing sweet. i will post here if nothing else, when it's done.

this morning i walked past this school that is around the corner from my apt. i always walk past the school, but usually i'm too early- like 8am and then kids aren't there yet, or i'm too late- like 9:30am- and i can hear the kids in gym class, squeaking and shouting. today i walked by right around 8:15 and i guess that's when they get there because kids were everywhere. funny how a street can be so empty at once and then so alive.
so i got to the end of the block and i see a little girl run-skipping and shouting Alex! Alex! at a round hispanic kid on the corner. She gets to him just as I do, shouting Alex! and hugging him and he says "Fancy meeting you here." No joke- the kid must have been 9. dude is gonna be a pimp, or an actor. hopefully both.

le sigh.





Tuesday, February 26, 2008

spin and hope

two of my favorite things to do.

Monday, February 25, 2008

i didn't like this post because there was no art to it.
so i deleted it.

sometimes, in my pessimistic and helpless moments i lash out and forget that everything is cyclical.

hence, the wheel.

everything we do sets something in motion.
if you do a negative thing, it will snowball back to you.
so i want to push out the good.

plus i dont like being a crybaby.
i'll figure out some solutions.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

thaaaat's funny.
i was just sitting here atop my pile o brains and wondering why it is that no one wants to talk to me. aside from zombies. zombies be up in my face 24/7- all like RO! Your pile of brains is massive! We love it! and i'm like- shit, zombies, you're sweet and all- but once you've got my brains, i know you'll just be moving along.

so i appreciate you saying hi. did you say hi?

interesting what you can find out ... there.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

you want a life to be jealous of?

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Monday, February 18, 2008

know thyself.

The stuff not about movies, but rather about other junk i like.

I'm falling more deeply lately into the trap of trash tv. and i love it. it feels so good.
Millionaire Matchmaker.

Why do I watch it? Because this guy, Lonnie, is a tool- and that's funny. and he's just one of i dunno- 40 hollywood area millionaires that poor Patti is going to have to rangle in to get some lucky actress/models married asap.
The guys are dumb about women, and it's fun to watch her tell them how to really keep a woman.
and the girls are just going through the motions to get with the millionaire dudes so they can get a chihuahua and a convertible, stat. i bet the big twist is when she has to try and find a Man for a Woman Millionaire!!! omg.
i know i sound sarcastic.
i want to be sarcastic.
i'm trying to make fun of myself.
because i passionately love this show. for now.

Real Housewives of New York City.

Saw the Preview episode for this today.
FU-CKING love it.
I already want to stab one of them in the eye.

Breaking Bad.

This is the one that is really worth seeing, but i know i will always forget to watch because it's on AMC.
I watched the first episode this weekend and Bryan Cranston is great. He's always been great.
He was great on that one episode of Seinfeld and great on Malcolm in the middle and now he's a GREAT chemistry genius who's dying of lung cancer and making crystal meth to help his oncology payments.
I'll try to remember.

On a totally different note- the Spring Prada line is cute-

a great mix of floral whimsy and fantasy- und leather- like a Wonderland comic book.

Here's something equally fun- that you can explore now that you're done with this blog!

Occasionally, life gets in the way and we forget ourselves.
At the oracle of Apollo in Delphi, it was carved above the entrance that you must "know thyself." While i save up for my forehead tattoo, i'll settle for the subject line. In my heart i love fashion, beauty and trash tv. sometimes even over a movie.

Etoile de ma vie.

etoile de ma vie. this movie burns holes through much of what i've seen in theaters this year.
actually this makes for a decent year in film, finally. no country.. ma vie en rose.. juno.. persepolis.
if animated films could win oscars for best picture..
if only.

if you're a woman.
if you like iron maiden.
if you're a woman who likes iron maiden..
Hi. What's your name?

god, is this movie beautiful.
let me rephrase that- God, is this movie beautiful?
and then God said- Yes, Marjane.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

sweet man

it's an amazing thing when someone can make you feel beautiful.

yesterday i took a walk out of work to just be in the snow and enjoy it while it lasted. the soft large flakes pelting me in the nose, i walked several blocks away to a quiet neighborhood in chelsea. i watched small dogs march by in their puffy jackets and really noticed how beautiful people's eyes are when they are engulfed in their scarves.

never one to be afraid to look a stranger in the face, i passed by an old man, maybe in his seventies and we just happened to smile at each other. he paused, still smiling and said "you look like a snow princess."

i gave him a toothier grin, giggled, and held it all the way back to work.

Friday, February 1, 2008

at last

so on weds i finally saw cloverfield. and i was totally shake-y from being all contorted and jumping around while watching it! i haven't had so much fun, actually been scared at a monster movie in sooooo long!

so. think what you will about our friend from the deep. but i say he did a good job of effing shit up. and JJ did a good job of expressing how impossible it could be to escape from NY.

Repost (because redundancy is the core of effective messaging)

a little music never hurt anyone..

and when it blasts your eardrums it's tastier.

so i started off my morning with Shellac.
I totally forgot about Shellac for about a year.

It's weird how you can do that now with the magnitude of music entering your pores n orifices.
so much junk clogging the airwaves. i almost (ok i really) miss radio. like good college radio-- University of New Haven anyone? UCONN? what was it john- WHUR? well i know it was awesome and doing those shows together was also purty rad.

in other news- check out windy city gentleman- he found me through myspace and my boss and i really dig him and have been playing his 6 songs in the agency.

otherwise, i've reverted back to listening to albert hammond jr, like, 10 times a day. it's happy summer music for happy summer moods. which i'm trying, desperately, to induce.

and i want to sing in a band again.
mary? i'll commute back to CT for this.. i think.

Sons and Daughter- This Gift- high energy pop with an awesome dark edge.
These New Puritans- Beat Pyramid- if you're ready for a The Fall/Kraftwerk revival! (who isn't???)